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Prior to being allowed on any customer job site or dealing with any customer issue all of our technicians and office staff begin their careers at Fiedler’s with a minimum of three months of orientation to their job requirements prior to being on their own in their job duties. Within one year of hire, all employees are required to further advance their training through the University of Minnesota SSTS Program or the Minnesota Onsite Wastewater Association to become certified wastewater specialists which will ensure they are able to assist the company in managing any of your wastewater needs.

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Cindy Tiemann & Jeff Tiemann

President & Office Manager | Vice-President & Field Service Manager

Cindy and Jeff are co-owners of Fiedler Your Pumping Specialists, Inc. While some couples may have a hard time working together this couple seems to have it figured out. Cindy is certified by the MPCA as a Type 4 wastewater operator, Maintainer and Service Provider. Her 30+ years as a Registered Nurse and more than 25 years in management have played an integral role in managing the operations of business. Jeff’s 30+ years in Farming have made him a master of many things that go hand in hand with running a septic maintenance company. From dealing with trucks and equipment repairs, to land application, crop management and working with landowners to name a few.

In addition to this company, Jeff and Cindy also own a Crop farm near Royalton and raise chickens for Pilgrims Pride.When they are able to get away from everything for a day or so, you might be able to find them camping at their seasonal campground by Sauk Centre or they just might just be home enjoying time with their children or their 3 beautiful grandchildren. After all when you work together all week and you get along well, you might as well spend fun time together too!

Bre Vaillancourt

Scheduling Supervisor / Marketing & Quality Assurance Manager

Bre holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and specializes in quality improvement. Bre is also certified as a Type 4 wastewater operator by the MPCA.

She acts as the community liaison, as she oversees donation requests and is the lead coordinator for the company’s community service projects. Bre is also our main contact whenever you call our office. Rest assured; she is more than qualified to answer any of your wastewater questions!

When she is not in the office helping our customers, Bre can usually be found enjoying time with her husband and their three amazing and very energetic children.

Darrell Dobis


Darrell came to Fiedlers with a long truck driving history and now has over 8 years of wastewater experience to add to that history. . Darrell has requested to take extra classes and training to ensure he is in the know about new technologies. Darrell is good at educating clients about their systems and has had many positive customer reviews about his ability to explain septic issues to customers who have never had a septic system before. . When Darrell isn’t working, he can be found making gourmet meals that make us all envious or he is spending time with his family and friends.

Mike Geise


Mike has worked in the trucking and customer service industries for over 20years. His long history of exemplary customer service and sales are clearly seen when customers call in and request him by name year after year . Mike is a go getter who doesn’t like to sit still! If you see him out on a job site, ask him what other jobs he does on the side! In his rare “free” time, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, children, and friends..

Art Betker

Customer Service Liaison | Certified Maintainer

Art holds a Class C certificate in wastewater management and is the company “go to guy” when it comes to specialty wastewater treatment systems. Art is also the company employee who manages any immediate customer concerns and he is usually the first person on the scene if additional assistance is needed on a job site. When Art isn’t helping our clients with their specialized system issues, he can be found helping his friends with their home improvement projects, working with his son, or hunting with his prized hunting dogs.

Roger Schraut


Roger came to Fiedler’s with a strong work ethic and longstanding
construction background. In the past few years, he has shown us that he also
has top notch customer service skills, and our customers are always sure to
let us know how much they enjoy his conversation! When Roger is not
maintaining septic systems, he can be found helping on the farm side,
hunting deep in the woods, or spending time with his family and friends.

Kenton Tiemann


Kenton is currently a part-time team member on our service division. He
assists on jobs such as pump replacements, line jetting, and riser / cover
installations. He is also nearing completion of his Maintainer Certification.
When Kenton is not working here at Fiedler Pumping, he can be found
tending to his cattle at K.Tiemann Livestock, helping on the family farm, or
spending time with his family and friends.

Shawn Richter


Shawn is such a strong asset to our team. In the past couple years, he has
completed so many things. From obtaining his CDL, to now operating his
own route, Shawn does it all with a smile on his face. He is always eager to
help the service division when times get busy, and the need arises. When
Shawn is not out helping our customers, he can be found out helping others
with the Royalton Fire Department. Shawn also enjoys camping and
spending time with his wife, four children and granddaughter.

Jeff Gerads


Jeff is the newest member of the team here at Fiedler’s. Although he has not
been here long, Jeff has already completed his septic maintainer testing and
is on the track to become a certified maintainer. Jeff has also worked hard to
obtain his CDL and is now out on his own route each day. When Jeff is not out
in his pump truck, he can be found on our service side of the business

installing new pumps, upgrading manhole covers and so much more. When
he is not working Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, family & friends.

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Our certified wastewater specialists service residential, commercial, and industrial wastewater and septic services, including pumping, repair, maintenance, and inspection.